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Sustainability has proved to ensure long-term profitability. The benefits are experienced across the business; helping the company to improve from the outside (i.e. image, profits, employees attraction) as well as from the inside (i.e. processes, motivation, product design):

External benefits:

  1. 1.Reduce costs

  2. 2.Improve brand recognition

  3. 3.Increase revenue opportunities

  4. 4.Decrease risks

  5. 5.Maximise shareholder value & align beliefs

Internal benefits:

  1. 1.Increase employee motivation

  2. 2.Improve business process and products

  3. 3.Strengthen human capital attraction & retention

  4. 4.Align staff & company’s values


Working example:

  1. The Toyota Prius was the world's first mass-produced gasoline/electric hybrid vehicle. The worldwide cumulative sales of the Toyota Prius have passed the 1 million mark (April 2008).
    Toyota has just overtaken General Motors in the first quarter of 2008 as the #1 automaker in the world in terms of global sales. And part of that success comes from their hybrid car innovation, the Prius.