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Swisstainable Network showcase:

4 Cantos do Mundo are a non-governmental organization (NGO), non-for-profit and not tied to any political ideology.

It was founded in 2002 by a group of young men and women in Belo Horizonte, (Brazil) with the mission to promote and develop social-environmental activities through environmental education, policy building and through research and application of technologies that promote a culture of peace and construction of sustainable societies.


Swisstainable Network:

  1. BulletEnergy audit

  2. BulletAlternative energy

  3. BulletCarbon footprint

  4. BulletFacilities management

  5. BulletWater solutions

  6. BulletRecycling

  7. BulletMobility

  8. BulletNGOs

  9. BulletSustainable investment

  10. BulletOrganic food supply

  11. BulletFair trade

  12. Bullet...

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  1. Name

The name Swisstainable is a portmanteau between the words Swiss and sustainable. It is intended to encapsulate all the traditional values embedded into the Swissness concept together with the vision and goals of the sustainability movement.

  1. Management

Santiago Mayo is the founder and Managing Partner of Swisstainable.

Santiago managed his first sustainability project in 1997 by achieving a profitable balance between livestock production and environment preservation in an Andalucian natural park (Spain).  From there, Santiago embarked on an international management career that has taken him to a number of countries including Argentina, Belgium, UK and Switzerland where he currently lives.

Prior to the founding of Swisstainable, Santiago was an international management consultant specialising in change management and human performance. Santiago holds a Bachelors Degree in Agronomic Engineering and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management.


  1. Swisstainable Network

Swisstainable is building a powerful network of companies and institutions that operate in the area of sustainability. It intends to cover all the specific knowledge that our clients might need and to provide a trust based cooperation platform.

The Swisstainable Network comprises academics, services providers and product-based companies offering unsurpassed expertise to help implement our client’s sustainable strategies.

Does your company offer sustainable expertise or products? Would you like to be part of a growing network of sustainable experts? Contact us at:


  1. Careers

Jobs: we are always willing to hear from prospective candidates with a passion for sustainable development and an outstanding academic and career record. Please send your CV and a cover letter to the email address listed below.

Internships: contact us if you would like to complete your degree or master’s internship working with Swisstainable. We are currently working in a number of projects that might be suitable for your career development.