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Sustainability is now part of every company’s agenda and is increasingly identified as one of the main factors influencing business success. Sustainability will directly affect the way you do business.

Whether you have already embraced sustainability or not; you are most probably thinking:

Swisstainable provides answers and guidance on how to make sustainability help your company succeed in a rapidly-changing economy.  We have developed a framework that utilises your company’s knowledge and experience to develop a long-term profit strategy, whilst also enriching the environment and the community where the company operates.

Swisstainable’s framework is based on four key areas:

  1. Top-Down Strategy.

  2. Bottom-Up Implementation

  3. Mindset Change

  4. Monitoring

Please, contact us to find out how this approach can work for your company.


Client showcase:

Swisstainable has supported SWISS International Airlines in the development of their environmental strategy.

SWISS commitment to deal with the environment in a responsible way is an integral part of the company’s corporate culture and determines the way that SWISS does business.

Swisstainable worked in close partnership with SWISS management and employees facilitating the entire strategic development process, from the initial analysis to the final drafting and consultation round.

The environmental strategy was presented to the management board in August 2008.

About SWISS:
SWISS is Switzerland’s national airline, and its 77-aircraft fleet serves 76 destinations (winter schedules) around the world from its Zurich hub and from Basel and Geneva international airports. As part of the Lufthansa Group and a member of the global Star Alliance, SWISS will remain true to its mission of providing quality air services that link Switzerland with Europe and the world.

For further information: