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Welcome to the Swisstainable website;

Swisstainable is a dynamic, innovative and straightforward consulting firm focussing on helping our clients to develop sustainable business.

  1. Sustainable business, what is that?

A sustainable business achieves and maintains the optimal economic, environmental and social conditions for the company to excel.

  1. Why should we do that?

Sustainability is proved to be the more profitable way of running a business in the long run.

  1. So, how can Swisstainable help us?

Swisstainable has developed a simple but effective framework that allows your company to quickly develop a sustainable business model and, more important, a mindset change from within your company. Our framework guides and empowers you through:

  1. -Strategy and implementation plan: providing a clear vision coupled with quick wins.

  2. -Expertise facilitation: facilitating and managing specific knowledge and expertise.

  3. -Mindset change: promoting and embedding a sustainable change from within.

  4. -Measuring progress: tracking and reporting progress.

Have a look at our client’s show case to find out more how this can really work for you:

Swisstainable has supported SWISS International Airlines in the development of their environmental strategy...

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Swisstainable was invited to give a lecture on the topic of “Corporate Social Responsibility versus Profit” to students at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt.


Swisstainable attended Professor
Dennis L. Meadows, Co-author of 'The Limits of Growth' (1972), conference
What will Limits to Growth Look Like in Switzerland? as part of CCSR Sustainability Leader Dialogues.


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